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Medical Advisory Committee of the Rosacea Research Foundation

The Medical Advisory Committee is tasked with divesting the 2005 donated funds to a worthwhile rosacea research study.

Dr. Linda Sy, MD.

Board certified dermatologist, Linda Sy Fang, MD, originated Linda Sy Skin Care in 1981. Dr. Sy first became involved with the Rosacea Support Group in 1998. As well as being a part of the internet support group for several years, Dr. Sy has developed products specifically targeted for rosacea sufferers.


Dr. Nicholas Soldo MD.

Nicholas J. Soldo, M.D. was the first person in the United States to be trained in the use of PhotoFacial treatments. Dr. Soldo is one of the world's most experienced Photoderm/IPL practitioners ; personally performing treatment procedures daily for the last 6 years.


Dr. Peter Drummond, PhD.

Peter Drummond is Associate Professor in the School of Psychology,
Murdoch University, in Perth, Western Australia. His research interests
include the neural control of facial blood flow, and the role of the
sympathetic nervous system in pain and inflammation


Dr. Chuck Young, DVM

Dr. Chuck Young is a veterinarian who holds a B.S. and D.V.M. degree from Auburn University. He was doing veterinary mission work overseas in 2000 when he came down with symptoms of rosacea. He suffers from moderate to severe neural burning and has worked with dermatologists, pain specialists, and compounding pharmacists on getting this form recognized and better treated. He currently resides in Alabama and specializes in small animal medicine and surgery


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