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29th annual Marine Corps Marathon

Many rosaceans have noted that moderate (not strenuous) exercise seems to help alleviate their rosacea symptoms. While there could be many other reasons why such exercise helps, some studies seem to suggest that moderate exercise decreases plasma Arachidonic Acid levels:

The effects of season and exercise on the levels of plasma polyunsaturated fatty acids and lipoprotein cholesterol in young rats.

And studies seem to suggest that moderate exercise reduces levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Also, exercise causes muscles to use (or burn up) the body's lipid stores, potentially leaving less available for the inflammatory response. Interestingly though, studies suggest that higher levels of exercise (running marathons, etc) can actually promote inflammation. This may be due to the body recognizing damage to tissues and then releasing a pro-inflammatory healing response.

Exercise training attenuates septic responses in conscious rats.

Is the anti-inflammatory effect of regular exercise responsible for reduced cardiovascular disease?

Marathon training and immune function.

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