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Chinook Salmon

Studies suggest that taking fish oil supplements high in EPA and DHA or eating several helpings per week of fatty cold-water fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, and herring help to reduce inflammation (see Omega-3 Supplements). Studies also suggest that fish liver oil supplements such as Cod Liver Oil, etc might contain too high a quantity of vitamin A for long-term use.

Rosaceans should be careful in selecting fish oil supplements as many contain lemon to mask a fishy taste, making them inappropriate for those who flush to lemon. Many fish oil supplements also contain olive oil, making them inappropriate for some of those with salicylate sensitivities.

As a warning, Omega-3 fatty acids have a blood-thinning quality and should be used cautiously by those with a bleeding or bruising problem, or those on blood-thinning medications.

See the following links for more precautions or possible interactions: